Project Management

At Intex Tooling Technologies, our highly-skilled project management team always strives to offer the best customer service experience.

Upon awarding a project to Intex Tooling Technologies, a dedicated project manager will be assigned as a primary customer point of contact through the life cycle of that specific project.

Our project managers will navigate and strictly govern all commercial, technical and timing aspects of the project, assuring every deadline is met and up to the desired quality, standards and budget. Customers will be informed of all status updates and details of their projects.

Our project managers understand the value and importance of building and maintaining outstanding relationships with customers.

At Intex Tooling technologies, with the help of our project managers, we firmly believe that having great ties with customers paves the way towards a high-end  product that meets our key objective of delivering beyond industry satisfaction levels.

Comprehensive Engineering

Our team of design engineers are well experienced in providing comprehensive state-of-the-art engineered solutions to our customers, providing tooling development from 30 ton press range to 1500 ton.

Our engineers meticulously handle all aspects of the tool designing process, insuring the development of a reliable, robust and cost effective solution that warrants the seamless performance of the tool, consequently providing better, long-term savings and prolonged tool life.

Our engineers utilize a variety of top notch design and analysis CAD/CAM programs as the main driver for the workflow, allowing full compatibility with native file formats and customer standards (Siemens NX, CATIA V5, & Cimatron, Autodesk MoldFlow).

Maintenance, Repairs & Engineering changes

With our advanced skills and expertise in technical assessment and troubleshooting, Intex is capable of overtaking and performing jobs on existing moulds despite their origin.

From simple to high complexity levels of engineering/design changes and repair jobs, our engineers and mould makers are specialized in offering and implementing tailored solutions for our customers.

At Intex Tooling Technologies, we go beyond the traditional method of running equipment to point of failure. We strongly encourage and perform preventive maintenance and refurbishment jobs. Following a scheduled periodic maintenance routine will prolong the life of a mould, reduce possible production down-times/breakdowns, minimize plastic part defects/flashes and generate long term financial savings.


We are always investing to set a precedent in the tooling industry and enhance our position among competitors.

Always expanding, we  have brought together an arsenal of high-precision manufacturing machinery.

Combining our experienced tool-room personnel (mould makers, coders, machine operators, technicians) with our advanced machinery (hoisting systems, EDM machines, CNC mills), qualify us to take over and deliver critical and complex projects.

Our systematic tool-room management techniques (jobs prioritizing, scheduling, planning, real-time monitoring/tracking, quality control) play a major role in our ability to deliver projects most efficiently while honouring all lead-times and deadlines.


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